Wilton Manors Homes for Sale August 2014

Wilton Manors Homes

There are currently 61 Wilton Manors Homes for Sale.

The market analysis report for these homes is presented below

Pricing #Beds #FBaths SF/FF ListPrice LP$/SqFt
Average 3 2 1,760 $414,325 $247
Median 3 2 1,630 $375,000 $234


We can see from this report that the average price for a home here in Wilton Manors is $414,325 and the median price is $375,000 – both down from our last report.

In our last report in July of 2014 the average price was $406,073 and the median price was $375,000.

Important to note is that Wilton Manors offers a number of waterfront homes for sale – if we remove these waterfront homes the median price for a Wilton Manors Home drops to $365,000 – which is also up from our last report when the median was $357,500

Also Important to note however are the difference in median prices by neighborhood – where median prices range from $329,000 to $425,000.

In this post we review pricing for non-waterfront Wilton Manors Homes for Sale, we present a pricing guide and we review prices by neighborhood.

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Wilton Manors Real Estate Sales – Last 90 Days

Median Homes Prices vary by
$115,000 between Neighborhoods

We have had 42 sales of Wilton Manors Homes (single family homes) over the last 90 days.

Of these 42 homes – 31 have been non waterfront homes and median sales prices vary dramatically between our 3 main neighborhoods .

The pricing summary for Wilton Manors non waterfront home sales is presented below.

Pricing #Beds #FBaths SF/FF SalePrice SP$/SqFt SP$/LP$ Days on Market
High 4 3 3,341 $950,000 $296 108.74 264
Low 2 1 964 $163,000 $117 77.97 6
Average 3 2 1,656 $342,919 $204 94.48 76
Median 3 2 1,641 $325,000 $195 94.85 69


We can see from this report that the median price for a non waterfront Wilton Manors Home sold over the last 90 days has been $325,000 – this being for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home of 1641 square feet.

Important to note is the median days on market at just 69 days – this is the time from the date the home was listed till it sold AND closed.

69 Days or just over 7 weeks indicates just home strong the demand is for Wilton Manors Real Estate 

Wilton Manors Neighborhoods - East, Central, West

Important to note however is how the median prices vary by neighborhood – from $260,000 in West Wilton Manors to $375,000 in East Wilton Manors – a difference of $115,000 or 44%!

We discuss this in more detail below…

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