Luxury Wilton Manors Homes for Sale

Luxury Wilton Manors Homes
Waterfront / Non Waterfront Homes

The number of luxury Wilton Manors homes for sale has increased from 2013 – up over 40%.

However what is important to note is the increase in the number and “caliber” or quality of the luxury non waterfront homes for sale. 

In this post we look at Luxury Homes for Sale here in Wilton Manors, we review Wilton Manors Homes, Luxury Waterfront Homes and Non Waterfront Homes for Sale and we give our luxury home pricing guide. 

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Foreclosures Impact Wilton Manors Real Estate

Chart Showing Foreclosures in Florida that will impact Wilton Manors Real Estate

Foreclosure / Pre-foreclosure Activity
Still Strong in Florida

Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures are still impacting Florida Real Estate including both Wilton Manors Homes and Condos for sale and the number of Fannie May and Freddie Mac “pending” foreclosures are at levels above those seen in 2010!

Sections of Wilton Manors Real Estate  – especially East Wilton Manors appear lest likely to be impacted – while foreclosure homes and condos are still pending release in both Central and West Wilton Manors!

Neighborhoods outside Wilton Manors will see a much greater impact – over the short-term which will suppress prices for Real Estate across the board – making now a great time to buy!

In this New Report for Nov/Dec 2014 we review both Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure activity in both Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors

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Wilton Manors Condos for Sale

November / December Pricing Guide

Search Wilton Manors Condos  / Town Homes for Sale

There are 57 x Wilton Manors Condos for Sale here in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

Important to note is the variance in median prices across the neighbourhoods from $84,900 to $328,950

Median prices for: 1 bedroom units are$101,000, 2 bedroom units are $170,000 and 3 bedroom units $427,500.

In this post we review condos / town homes for sale, provide a pricing guide and outline prices for condos by neighborhood – covering East, Central and West Wilton Manors Continue reading Wilton Manors Condos for Sale

Wilton Manors Homes for Sale November 2014

Wilton Manors Homes

As at time of writing there are 80 Wilton Manors Homes for sale – which is up from our last post in October when there were 71 Wilton Manors Homes for Sale.

Both these numbers are well up from the 59 homes for sale here in Wilton Manors in September!

The market analysis summary report for these 80 homes is presented below:

Pricing  #Beds #FBaths SF/FF List Price LP$/SqFt
Average 3 2 1,787 $452,981 $246
Median 3 2 1,670 $397,000 $241


We can see from this report that the average price for a home here in Wilton Manors is $452,981 and the median price is $397,000.

In our last report in October the average price was $427,122 and the median price was $399,000.

Important to note is that Wilton Manors offers a number of waterfront homes for sale – if we remove these waterfront homes the median price for a Wilton Manors Home drops to $370,000

Also Important to note are the difference in median prices across our different neighborhoods – where median prices for non waterfront single family homes range from $324,700 in West Wilton Manors to $422,000 in East Wilton Manors – a difference of almost $100,000

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