Luxury Wilton Manors Homes

Non-Waterfront Luxury Homes
Command Highest Prices

Median Sales prices for Luxury Wilton Manors Homes are up and median prices are also up over $30,000 since our last post for April / May 2015!

However what is important to note is that “Non Waterfront” Wilton Manors Homes are commanding the highest sales prices!

The most expensive home sold in the last 90 days and the highest square foot price paid for a home in the last 90 days have both been for Non-Waterfront Luxury Wilton Manors Homes.

In addition to this the highest median price based on sales over the last 90 days is for non-waterfront homes!

In this post we look at Luxury Wilton Manors Homes and home sales over the last 90 days including sales of both Luxury Waterfront Homes and Luxury Non Waterfront Homes

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Manor Grove Condos Offer Great Value!

Manor Grove Condos
$102K to $207K

Search Manor Grove Condos for Sale

There are currently 16 x Manor Grove Condos Wilton Manors for sale – and with prices from $100,000 upwards this complex being so close to Wilton Drive offers great value!

Prices range from $102,500 for a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom unit to $207,000 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit. 

The median price for all units for is currently $146,950 – this being for a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom unit.

Important to note is the of the 16 units for sale approx 70% of them or 11 units for sale are priced below $150,000!

Given there location and amenities condos for sale in Manor Grove are really a great value!

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