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Wilton Manors Luxury Real Estate – New Listings

New Luxury Listings

New Listings Luxury Homes / Luxury Condos & Town Homes

Wilton Manors offers an increasingly larger range of luxury homes, condos and town homes.

We are seeing more and more “updated” homes come on the market for sale as well as more new/newer construction units and many new listings on luxury homes for sale are being snapped up in a matter of days!

Wilton Manors Luxury Real Estate also offers a number of larger “estate” styled homes – many of these built-in the last 10 or so years.

Wilton Manors Luxury Real Estate

Wilton Manors has continued to develop from a smaller village into a much more popular destination and as this growth continues more and more of the 1950s – 1960s homes are being updated and more and more new construction commences.

Currently there are around a dozen or so new construction projects here in Wilton Manors – from single family homes to town homes and condos – many of these new construction homes / town homes are luxury units.

Wilton Manors Luxury Real Estate
New Listings – Last 30 Days

There have been 5 New listings for Wilton Manors Luxury Real Estate over the last 30 days. 

Here is the market analysis report for new luxury listings.

 Pricing #Beds #FBaths SF/FF List Price LP$/SqFt
High 5 3 3,065 $979,000 $383
Low 2 2 1,825 $539,000 $187
Average 3 2 2,455 $701,200 $294
Median 4 2 2,449 $649,000 $319


All the new listings for Wilton Manors Luxury Real Estate have been single family homes.

4 luxury new listings are for non waterfront Wilton Manors Home and 1 new luxury real estate listing is for a waterfront Wilton Manors Home.

We can see from report above that the median price for a new listing for a luxury home is $649,000 – with a list price to square foot price of $319.00

Note in September the median price was $599,000 – with a list price to square foot price of $343.00

Wilton Manors Neighborhoods

Another factor driving the market here in Wilton Manors are homes and town homes in both the Central and the East Wilton Manors Neighborhoods.

Wilton Manors has 3 distinct neighborhoods – East, Central and West Wilton Manors.

Map of Wilton Manors showing East, Central and West

Luxury Real Estate in Central Wilton Manors

Central Wilton Manors with its great location so close to Wilton Drive with all its entertainment, shopping, dining and arts venues is attracting more and more luxury real estate buyers/developers.

More and more Luxury Buyers are specifically seeking  out Wilton Manors Homes and especially Luxury homes in Central Wilton Manors.

Wilton Manors Luxury Waterfront Home

Luxury Real Estate in East Wilton Manors

East Wilton Manors has many waterfront homes – some with just 2 fixed bridges to the ocean.

These homes are increasing in price and more and more of them are being updated, renovated or demolished to make way for luxury new construction homes.

Increasing prices for Waterfront Homes in East Wilton  Manors is in turn creating demand for non-waterfront homes in East Wilton Manors and now non waterfront homes are coming onto the market with prices into the $600,000 – $700,000 plus price range.